Since ten years we are committed to making things happen, we are passionately involved in the growth of companies and organizations who want to expand into international markets.
We offer a 360-degree approach of the opportunities to the international markets, through an in-depth country analysis, an accurate commercial prospection and data source queries.
We help you identify the most valuable local partners (customers, distributors, dealers) and the best distribution channels for your business; we develop successful marketing and sales strategies, negotiate sales and secure customer loyalty. We are able to achieve this through our outstanding network of agents and sales representatives from over 50 countries, which have insight into the culture and territory of the target market.


Sales & Business Development Manager

Samuel brings more than a decade of export sales experience in companies in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, Construction, energy food & beverage and technology.

A senior business associate who works one-on-one with clients and prospects to establish a holistic and energized sales strategy to fit their unique export goals. Samuel is an advocate for sales consulting and for the opportunistic use of sales advisory services for all kinds of firms that need support navigating through growth and overcoming challenges.

Prior to InTExport Consulting, Samuel was a Senior Business Associate at OptiFab International in Milton Keynes UK, Export Area Manager at Tuxor spa in Italy. During his tenure at OptiFab International and Tuxor spa, he worked to implement business strategy in Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Canada and 18 countries in Africa. Samuel also served as sales representatives and business partner at Oxford House College, Holme Institute; BS Paul Global for Bavaria products and HGPM Hk International CO., Ltd based in Shanghai, China; Afflon Ltd., India where he was in charge of expanding companies’ services and products to reach maximum profit in export markets, and also identifying prospective clients and introducing products to them. On top of this also having overall charge of logistic and transportation management.

Samuel’s passion and curiosity comes through in his work. He enjoys taking on new challenges and working with clients to find innovative solutions.

Samuel loves to talk. Reach out today and see for yourself.


We offers a full complement of trade agent representation and export promotion services for public and private sector entities from the EU and abroad that are seeking to enter new markets or grow their presence in established ones. This includes targeting new clients as well as revitalizing past or inactive clients.

Lead Generation. Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation and qualification. You could have me reach out to a new batch of prospects you want contacted…but for whatever reason your people just are not getting to. Perhaps I can open some doors for you with my relationship-building, real-time follow-up calls.


InTExport Consulting offers you customized buying solutions. We source, oversee and deliver goods in demand of our consumers around the world.

Looking for products in Europe? We provide free product sourcing according to your requirements. Using our large network of suppliers, we can quickly find products that you would like to import.

Our buying consulting services portfolio has been engineered to support the full range of our clients’ needs, today and as they evolve.