Cocoa production in West Africa, a review and analysis of recent developments

Seventy percent of the world cocoa production is produced by small holders in West Africa.
Cocoa production increased by fifty percent in the first decade of the 21st century.
Yields remained low because of extensive cultivation practices and old age of cocoa farms.
Large government rehabilitation and replanting schemes are undertaken.
Implementation of these schemes and higher cocoa producer prices offer scope for higher coca output from West Africa.
Climatic change and increased land use for food crops will negatively affect the cocoa output […]

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African Coffee Production—Opportunities and Challenges

When one thinks of coffee-producing countries, Brazil and Colombia are sure to come to mind. However, Ethiopia and Uganda are also among the top-ten coffee producing nations. These countries are positioned to boost their production rapidly over the next five years, but only if they can capitalize on domestic demand, successfully market to international buyers, and work towards greater efficiency in their operations. And with top producers like Brazil and Vietnam holding such a large share of global output, […]

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Economic impact of coronavirus outbreak deepens

The rising cost of the coronavirus outbreak for business and the world economy is expected to become clearer this week as major firms issue trading updates and China reports the toll on its manufacturing sector.
The latest snapshot of industrial activity in the world’s second largest economy, due to be published this week, is expected to reveal a plunge in Chinese factory output in February as quarantine efforts to contain the disease disrupted supply chains – with damaging consequences for companies around […]

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